33% species

under threat

2.500 animals

at risk of imminent extinction

3 times more

droughts and storms

25 million

climate refugees

Donations to environmental NGOs

We donate 10% of the sale price of all the products to environmental NGOs

Naturalist illustrations

We draw the animals and plants that will be printed on our items

Unique fabric accessories

We develop all the items from scratch, we don’t use standard products

Didactic materials

All our products are accompanied by didactic material (further information is on the web page, by scanning the related QR codes)

Sustainable materials

We use integrated production cotton from Andalusia, which is more sustainable than cotton classified as ecological

Local production

We manufacture all products in Barcelona (mainly ‘Maresme’ and ‘Vallès’ regions)


Ownership of the manufacturing procedures

We control the manufacturing process: weaving, knitting, dyeing, cutting and printing

Fair prices

We pay fair prices to the artisans and small businesses we work with

3 years

developing the project

3.500 hours of work

to get here

Infinite energy

to achieve impact

100% of confidence

in the team

130.000 €

in donations for NGOs

360.000 people


35.000 kg

of CO2 saved

4 job posts

for women