Recovering the forgotten.

Foundation date

October 2012


20 members and more than 200 volunteers and collaborators


Roquetas de Mar (Almería)

Milestones achieved

  • We have made known the Ribera de la Algaida and proved its value thanks to census and inventories of flora and fauna made there. The Ribera de la Algaida is a wetland that was at serious risk of disappearing and was totally unknown. We have been able to create a social conservation movement around it, which is being taken into account by various administrations.

  • We have made the first census of the Mediterranean Chameleo, the Mediterranean Tree Frog, and the North African Hedgehog in the province of Almeria.

  • We have implemented several species monitoring programs: Greek Tortoise, nocturnal raptors, and micromammals.

  • We have been recognized as a collaborating organization with regard to conservation by the regional Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía.

  • We have signed collaboration agreements with the University of Almeria and University of Granada to promote students training.

  • We have set up an extensive network of volunteers. Currently we have more than 200 registered volunteers.

  • In 2013 we were awarded with the DUNA conservation prize.

Young Spur-thighed Tortoise

Source: Patricia Chumillas, Serbal

Why was it created?

The founders of the organization were naturalists, biologists, and environmentalists concerned about the conservation of various species of flora and fauna, and of certain places of Almeria that were not being given much attention by the administrations. It was born essentially to recover these forgotten species and places, and to make known to the citizens the rich and unique biodiversity of Almeria.

Ongoing initiatives

  • Monitoring and census of threatened species.

  • Protection of the wetland of the Ribera de la Algaida.

  • Programs of citizen science.

Birds banding (Common Snipe)

Source: Serbal, J. Gállego

Current concerns

  • Protection of the wetland of the Ribera de la Algaida.

  • To disseminate the unique and rich biodiversity of arid zones among citizens, as these areas are usually rejected, especially among those who live there.

Upcoming objectives

  • Increasing membership.

  • Being considered a public interest organization.

How can I help?

We are a totally independent organization with scarce economic resources. We need to increase our revenue (donations, solidarity events, etc.) and working material (binoculars, magnifying glass, etc.).

Sources of funding

Membership fees, donations, and public subsidies.

An example to follow

The pioneers in the conservation of the Almerian biodiversity, like Antonio Cano, Lorenzo García, and, of course, José Antonio Valverde, who was in the CSIC of Almería for some time and his legacy was great.

Environmental education

Source: Serbal

Environmental education

Source: J. Gállego

A dream

To achieve the protection of the Ribera de la Algaida and that arid zones were appreciated by people.

A good habit

The small or discreet must also be preserved.

A disturbing reflection

The loss of biodiversity and climate change are still not seen as a serious problem by the general public and administrations.

A reflection for hope

A small group of people’s actions can change the world.

Release of Slender-billed Gulls

Source: Serbal

Nest box

Source: Serbal